Witness stories


I got married when I was young, and my husband was 9 years older than me. Before I gave birth to Yichin, I was a loved and cared little mother. My career and family were both unexpectedly in harmony. We also bought a house, and we were expecting our second child as planned.

This life that everyone was jealous about was actually the silence before storm...

I did not have much discomforts when having Yichin. All the pregnancy tests also showed good results. Yichin was 3100 grams when she was born as a term infant. On the next day, the nurse told me Yichin had jaundice and needed to do treatment. I was not worried because my elder daughter was also born with jaundice. However, Yichin cried for 20 hours each day within the next month. After 2 month, Yichin still had jaundice. When doctor found it was caused by biliary atresia, the best time to do Kasai procedure had passed. I was at the edge of breaking down, and thinking why this happened to me. It was not part of my plan. I hated the god was heartless and also begged him to give Yichin her health body back.

While being sad and worried, I looked up the term biliary atresia online. All the reports indicated that liver transplantation was necessary in the end of the treatments. It made feel helpless and heartache. After that, our life could be considered only black and white left (miserable).

My mother in law and my husband had visited countless Feng Shui gurus and temples for Yichin growing up healthily. However, Yichin’s skin was more yellow and her belly was also turning bigger. My mother in law and my husband wanted her to try Chinese medicine, but I rather faced the reality. I refused to give her any Chinese medicine because I wanted Yichin to take the liver transplant surgery in her best condition. In this case, she would have higher chance to succeed.

After Kasai procedure, we confirmed that we were the 2/3 group whose liver was still getting worst. Therefore, I already collected the information for liver transplant surgery. during the preparation of liver transplant, Yichin did not spilt blood which cause by esophageal varices, or fever which cause by cholangitis. That was because of the good care from my mother in Iaw. My blood type was AB, my husband’s was A, and Yichin’s was B. Within both side our families, only my father was blood type B. I was suffering from making the decision. Both of them were my beloved ones, and I did not want to let my father go through this pain.

I did not tell my father he was the only compatible blood type until he saw Yichin’s big belly and asked why she did not have liver transplant yet. My father replied in his usual tone “hurry up!” We went to a famous hospital in Taipei to do the assessment. However, it did not go as we expected. Something came up in between. All the efforts were in vain in the end.

Perhaps it was not easy to twist the destiny. Perhaps when God closed a door, he opened a window. I by a chance found that Taipei Veterans General Hospital also provide this service. I tried to reach them on the phone. Unexpectedly, the transplant team was very willing to help and asking me about Yichin’s condition. They had Dr. Lou to call me back immediately. It changed my perspective of big hospitals.

Dr. Lou quickly arranged the date for the transplant. Everything went very well from the surgery to discharging. My father was discharged from the hospital 5 days after the surgery and now well-recovered. Although Yichin had infection and liver venous embolism after the surgery, Dr. Lou helped us to overcome one after one. Now Yichin’s skin is getting white, and her tears are also turning into laughter. Our life quality has changed completely. The biggest difference is that there’s laughter again in our family. Yichin’s belly has a few scars, but these are the proofs of going through difficulties in her life. I admire how dynamic she is at such a young age.

Our life was black and white in the pass. After Dr. Lou and his team took over, it becomes colorful again. Our appreciations to you is indescribable.

Thank you for giving Yichin a new life!

Her skin is now as white as her sister after liver transplant!