Patient Stories

Living Kidney Transplant In Taiwan

The objective of this paper is to give a short summery of our kidney donation, transplant and follow-up care from the Taipei Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan.

Vietnamese female anchor bring her daughter to TPEVGH for liver transplantation

Diep (Tron Tron) is my second child. She was born on October 7, 2019. After birth, she went to the doctor many times because of high liver enzymes, but none of the doctors told me that she had biliary atresia. Two months after the birth, Diep developed mild jaundice, creamy yellow stools, and black urine.


Li family had confidence in Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and had taken their therapies here.


People have encountered many unexpected things in their lives. My life was also like this.


My career and family were both unexpectedly in harmony. We also bought a house, and we were expecting our second child as planned. This life that everyone was jealous about was actually the silence before storm.