Transplant team of Taipei Veterans General Hospital is always ready to offer our comprehensive service for you and your family. According to your situations, we will provide the most suitable service from initial contact, clinic visits, medical treatments and nursing care to follow-up.


Please follow the steps to become our patient:

Step. 1: documents preparing

Before arrival, be sure to collect the medical reports of the patient, such as medical records, certificates of diagnosis, prescriptions and medical images. If possible, please have the documents translated before submitting when these reports are not written in Chinese.

Step. 2: contact us

  • Locals: Taiwanese and residents please use online registration.
  • Foreigners: Foreigners who do not hold ARC, please register first at the counter. (first-visit registration counter is located at the 1st floor of clinic building).
  • You may also refer to Taipei Veterans General Hospital registration services. Otherwise, you can leave your information on” contact us,”we will reach you back after receiving the messages. If there is missing information, our coordinator will contact you and help you to complete your application.

Step. 3: medical records review

After receiving your records, our team will review the information to confirm if the patient is suitable for coming to Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

Step. 4: fee

  • Taiwanese and residents with national insurance of health: please refer to thestandard charge of outpatient clinic and emergency service. Please register online,and visit the doctor at the appointed time. After seeing the doctor, please bring your bill and pay at the cashier or ATM. If your doctor wants you to stay in the hospital, you may pay after discharged from the hospital.

  • Foreigners: Before visiting our transplant clinic, we will inform you the initial estimate of the cost. Foreigners may need to make a payment on their own cost before arriving the hospital. We accept both cash and credit cards.

Step. 5: making an appointment

After receiving your payment, we will start verifying. Once it completes, we will confirm the date of appointment with you.

Step. 6: visa/accommodations

For temporarily medical treatment visa, please refer to Taiwan task force for medical travel (TTFMAT) of ministry of health and welfare.

Step. 7: planning for your visit

After completing step.1-6, you may start booking the transportation tickets and accommodations. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us.

Step. 8: clinic

After arriving Taipei Veterans General Hospital, you need to visit the doctor in person, and then take the further examinations in the hospital. The doctor will arrange suitable treatments based on the results of the examinations. If the doctor suggests you to stay in the hospital, we will proceed to in-patient admission.